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Alison Seponara, MS, LPC

Anxiety Healer & Therapist

(610) 952-4169


"Alison has been a blessing to our family in more ways than one! Almost 2 years ago now, I made many, many phone calls to various counselors for my pre-school age son. I either didn’t receive a call back, was told they had no openings for months, or didn’t get a good feeling from my initial conversation. Counseling doesn’t have to be forever but to really work on yourself, child etc., it is a commitment for an extended time and something you can always go back to in life. To this day, we have followed Alison around as her practice grew.  My son, now 6 and in Kindergarten, is thriving and loves “Ali” and so do we. Her warmth, compassion, and dedication to my son and our family has given my son confidence that we are greatly thankful for. I will continue to refer people to Alison because of her ability to connect with multiple topics and just knowing my friends and family will be getting the best counselor!" 

-Stacy D. 

"Alison is a kind, thoughtful and very skilled mental health counselor who brings years of experience to working with women and children on reducing anxiety and depression. She provides a safe, judgement free space for her clients to share and heal. Alison is always discovering new ways in which to support those in need of strategies for managing and treating anxiety & depression. Alison work helps clients thrive in our ever changing, busy, stress filled world."

-Jodi S. 

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