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About Alison

Alison Seponara, MS, LPC is a licensed therapist, author, podcast host, anxiety educator, and holistic healer. Alison works in private practice outside of Philadelphia, PA and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based positive psychology with individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders.



M.S. in Clinical & Counseling Psychology: Chestnut Hill College 

B.S. in Communications & Psychology: Drexel University

Specialist I & II School Counseling Certification: Eastern University 


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania (No. PC009004)

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The Anxiety Healer

Along with her private practice, Alison is the CEO of a health and wellness community on Instagram and is known as The Anxiety Healer (@theanxietyhealer). This community is all about helping raise awareness for mental health and disseminate knowledge on how to holistically heal anxiety from the inside out. @theanxietyhealer community has over 500,000 'healers' (and growing)! Alison has given to her community members the name ‘healers’ to create more unity and inclusivity among her page while remaining mindful that anxiety does not discriminate. Alison is dedicated to ending the stigma of mental health by offering a safe space for those around the world to find a supportive community free of judgement and bias.


As The Anxiety Healer, Alison has created a 'real-life' awareness brand through Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, and more recently a podcast called The Anxiety Chicks. Alison and her co-host Taylor (a registered dietitian) explore all things anxiety healing while keeping it REAL...including their own struggles with mental health! Alison brings her expertise as a healing professional to the conversation while discussing the tools and strategies needed to heal the anxious mind.

More recently, Alison wrote a book titled The Anxiety Healer’s Guide: Coping Strategies and Mindfulness Techniques to Calm the Mind and Body. This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide includes everything you need to help holistically treat your anxiety and create your own anxiety-healing tool kit, including:


-Body breakthroughs
-Mind tricks to ease anxiety
-Breathing techniques
-Grounding strategies
-Distraction ideas
-Cognitive-behavioral actions
-Natural remedies
-Gut-health practices
-Positive affirmations
-On-the-go activities
-And more!

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Alison uses these platforms to speak openly and honestly about her own anxiety struggles, while creating a safe space for others to find compassion, empathy, and support. Alison uses her expertise and own life experience to help educate healers about anxiety disorders, mind/body connection, panic attacks, gut health, holistic remedies, & most to keep it real when it comes to talking about mental health. 


Alison also created an online school called The Anxiety Healing School, which provides multiple healing courses that help students learn ways to combat intrusive thoughts, face fears, and gain more insight into their own limiting beliefs that contribute to anxiety. Alison’s mission is to help those from around the world feel less alone in their anxiety and offer awareness and education in mental health. 

"I believe the best therapeutic relationship is built upon trust and non-judgement, which provide clients with a safe environment and produces successful outcomes."
- Alison

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