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The anxiety Healing school

It is my passion to help you establish the type of private practice that you want.

Are you ready for a thriving private practice? If yes...


Ask yourself these questions:

Who is your ideal client?

What makes you the expert in your field?

Do you feel comfortable with social media marketing?

What are your specialties?

Do you have a vision for your practice?

Do you want to make six figures?

Who are good contacts for your private practice? 

What are your strengths as a clinician and as a business person?

Are you ready to let someone help you through this process? 

These questions will separate you from other clinicians who are afraid to step outside their comfort zone. The 3-week Private Practice Builder Bootcamp will help you achieve the ultimate dream private practice while teaching you all you need to know about opening and sustaining your own private practice.  As a licensed counselor myself, I understand the time and energy it takes to build a business while raising a family, working another job, & having a social life.


Say YES TO GETTING HELP AND SUPPORT you need through this overwhelming process of building a private practice. After my 3-week bootcamp, you will not only feel confident about your choice to start a practice, but you will come away with to specific tools, strategies, resources, contacts, and strategic manuals to help you move closer to your business goals so YOU can be the expert in YOUR OWN PRACTICE! 



It is my highest priority to help guide & support you through this journey. The 3-week private practice bootcamp will teach you how to get what you want out of your private practice by create and sustain it for yourself.


In three weeks you will learn all you need to know on how to start a thriving private therapy practice.  Here is what you will gain from signing up for the 3-week Private Practice Bootcamp! 

Private Practice builder 3-Week program

Week 1 – Private Practice Essentials 

  1. Private Practice Basics Checklist

  2. Intake paperwork must haves

  3. ‘How To’ on setting fees

  4. Strategies in finding an office space

  5. The best website platforms for therapists 

Week 2 – Goal Setting and Vision

  1. To Take Insurance or to Not Take Insurance?

  2. Refining your niche

  3. Website review & feedback

  4. Your own self-care and the impact it has on building your business

  5. The effectiveness of podcasts in helping build your private practice 

Week 3 – All About Marketing

  1. Small business networking groups in your area

  2. Psychology Today Profile Tips & Tricks

  3. Filing taxes as a small business owner 

  4. Business cards, flyers, newsletters

  5. Social Media marketing strategies to build client referrals


FREE 1:1 Coaching Session (30 minutes) to create a master plan specifically based on your needs

FREE Private Practice Newbie Checklist

FREE Access to the Private Practice Newbies Facebook Page


  • Daily Bootcamp Builder Resource Guide delivered to your inbox every morning with your daily exercise tip sheet

  • 1:1 individual coaching calls with me every week via Zoom

  • The Private Practice Builder Bootcamp Guide to Success

  • The Exclusive Handbook on Social Media Marketing Strategies for Beginners 

  • Access to me 24-hours a day via Text Me App

  • Tax Expense worksheet for small business owners

  • Best Website Platforms for Therapists Manual

  • Group reflection and strategy sessions with other boot-campers

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Initial Consultation (30 minutes): FREE


Register for the 3-Week Private Practice Builder Bootcamp NOW for only $597

(Includes FREE 1 HOUR Initial Consultation) 

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