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Negative Thoughts Taking Over? Tap into your Positive Personality

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

1. Learn more about the POSITIVE side of you!

Too many times we focus on the things we are doing wrong, but today we are going to start focusing more on what we are doing right! This Positive Trait Worksheet from is an awesome example of how you can tap into your inner positive personality.  Something you may have forgotten since you began your job, had kids, or became an adult with…you know…responsibilities.

Positive Personality Worksheet:

How many of these can you circle about yourself? Print out this worksheet, circle the traits about yourself, and hang it somewhere you can look at it every day.  This can serve as a daily reminder of your POSITIVE attributes! Sometimes you just need a visible reminder of how awesome you are to help you get through the day.

2. Talk About Yourself More – AND DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT!

YES, you heard me right.  Talk about yourself! Many times people pleasers, perfectionists, & empaths (you may realize that you also have some...anxiety) focus a lot of their time on ways to help others and focus only on other people’s thoughts and feelings.  It is time to focus on expressing your own thoughts and feelings more often! Think of it as vulnerability practice.  Verbally expressing your own fears and worries to others you trust can help you become more aware of your inner spirit and closer to your authentic self.

3. Look into Seeing a Professional for Support

There is something so enlightening about being able to focus solely on yourself and talk to an objective person about your life, for 50 minutes a week.  Most people will go to their friends or family for advice, but there are times when friends or family members cannot offer the most sound or objective insight on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  They are invested in your well-being (which is wonderful), but it is very difficult for close friends and family to remain un-bias and can even sometimes offer advice when all you were really looking for is validation. This is where a professional licensed clinician can help.  While there continues to be stigma surrounding the practice of therapy in our society, it is one of the most courageous and admirable things anyone can do for themselves.  Imagine having someone who is dedicated to you for an uninterrupted 50 minutes and invested in exclusively learning only about you? I can tell you it’s an amazing process and journey towards self-awareness. is one of the top websites in the country that provides information on the licensed mental health providers in your area.  Every profile provides a picture of the clinician along with a bio, specialties, and fees.  Feel free to view my profile here:


Questions? Contact Alison:

Alison Seponara, MS, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice located in Lafayette Hill, PA. Alison specializes in holistic and mindfulness work with women who struggle with anxiety related to a life transition including divorce, motherhood, death of a loved one, relationship struggles, career change, etc. Alison also works closely with children and families with special needs including those who suffer from Anxiety, ADHD, & Autism. Feel free to contact Alison with any questions you may have or if you are interested in a FREE consultation:

Call Alison at (610) 952-4169 or send her an e-mail at

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